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Oral presentation

 - Presentations are initially scheduled to take 12 minutes, but according to the session and chairman indications this can slightly vary.

 - At the venue, the Power Point presentation file must be delivered, at least 4 hours in advance, at the audiovisual desk, in order to check it and charge it at the computer of the corresponding room.


Poster presentation

- Half an hour sessions of poster presentations are scheduled as indicated in the program. The authors are invited to stand near the poster during this session so delegates can be around and ask questions.

- Authors must bring the poster to the venue. The poster has to be placed in the corresponding panel between 9:00 a.m and 10:00 a.m, on the day of the poster presentation, and it has to be removed at the last minute of the day, material needed to hang the poster will be available.

- Posters dimensions will be: DIN AO – 841x1189 mm.

- Please download the template that you can use to create your poster.

- The logo in jpg version and eps version is available to be included in the presentation.

Authors will be informed about the number of panel where the poster has to be placed.






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