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Thursday, 29th May


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 Plenary session IV


 Chairman: Carlos Carranza- Torres

 Keynote The impact of brittle behaviour of rocks on tunnel excavation design

 C. Derek Martin




 Plenary session V



 Chairman: Gian Paolo Giani

 Keynote Rock mass characterization by means of advanced survey methods

 A.M. Ferrero




 Coffee break



 Parallel sessions 22-24



 Session 22- Topic 7: Excavation and support


 Chairman: Wolfgang Schubert


Determination of an “empirical” ground reaction curve useful for designing coal mine roadways support

R. Rodríguez & M.B. Díaz-Aguado

Rock mass variability and TBM prediction           

F. J. Macias, P. D Jakobsen & A. Bruland

The Development of a Distributed Optical Sensing Technique to Monitor Forepole temporary support elements employed within an Umbrella Arch System

N. Vlachopoulos, N. Forbes, B. Oke, J. & Hyett, A.J.

Face stability in tunnels excavated by the drill and blast method            

S. Senent & R. Jimenez

Study on distribution law of surrounding rock pressure in unsymmetrical loading tunnel with coupling effect from topography and geology            

Z. F. Wang, L. H. Xu, Y. Kang, X. C. Wang & X. P. Long

Effectiveness of applied support in tunnels in plastically deformed rockmass - an analysis based on tunnelling projects from Nepal Himalaya               

P. K. Shrestha & K. K. Panthi

Analysis on the pre-injection grout consumption at Strindheim Road Tunnel Project, Trondheim, Norway

K. K. Panthi

Dimensioning of a flexible system for the stabilization of a landslide on the access road to Cotobello (Aller, Asturias).

J. Prieto, R. Luis, R. Fernández & M. Fernández

Protective actions against rockslides on roads of Serra de Tramuntana. The case of BlauGorg detachment on 2008, December 31st.              

R. Fonseca, R. Luis, C. Raïmat, J. Prieto, J. M. Rius & C.Massanet

A review of ground support systems performance subjected to dynamic loading          

L. Li, P. Hagan & S. Saydam



 Session 23- Topic 4: Mining and quarrying engineering

 Conference hall

 Chairman: Antonio Samaniego  Manoj Verman


Modelling methodology: structural geology and rock mass behaviour at Kiirunavaara Mine      

J. Vatcher, S. D. McKinnon, J. Sjöberg & C. Dahnér

Advanced 3D geotechnical modeling of Las Cruces Open pit     

J. M. Galera, S. Cooper, M.D. Rodríguez & V. Pozo

Parameter characterisation for rock mass preconditioning using hydraulic fracturing    

A. Bedi, G. F.Gambino & J. P. Harrison

Simulating the effect of preconditioning in primary fragmentation        

A. Sánchez Juncal, D. Mas Ivars, A. Brzovic & J. Vallejos

Mathematical approach for the analysis of in-situ measurements in unstable slopes: A study based on the cases from coal mines in Turkey              

I. Özkan

The interaction between the scale effect and the shape effect in the mine pillar design            

A. L. M. Ayres Da Silva & L.A. Ayres Da Silva

Comparison of change of creep properties of chromite ore under varying stress and time factor to find their interdependence          

S. Kabra

An application of epoxy and polyurethane on various marbles to enhance cuttability  

M. Başyiğit, O. Bayram & H. Tunçdemir



 Session 24- Topic 8: Case histories and preservation of natural stone

 Room A - 4th floor

 Chairman: Davor Simic


Experiences implementing high energy dynamic barriers as a tool for creating a shadow zone against rockfalls in linear infrastructures.               

R. Luis, C. Raimat & A. Sanz

Influence of model selection, constitutive behavior assignment and parametric sensitivity on tunnel, cavern and pillar EDZ assessment for a long-term deep geological repository.             

M. S. Diederichs, T. Lam, M. Jensen, M. Perras & B. Damjanac

Comparison of disc cutter consumptions in two tunnelling machines due to wearing in two tunnels partially built in orthogneiss      

P. R. Oyanguren & C. Laín

Analysis of a complex slope failure in a quartzite slope

C. León- Buendía, J. Santamaría, L. R. Alejano & R. Giráldez

Stability analysis of a room & pillar hematite mine and techniques to manage local instability problems             

J. Arzúa, L. R. Alejano, I. Clérigo, B. Pons & F. Méndez F. Prada

Safety and economic advantages for rock blasting in urban áreas

C. Dinis Da Gama

Possible mechanical behavior of Elmadag and Artova Formations during tunnel excavation      

Ş. Ö. Dinç & M. C. Tunusluoğlu

Deepening of Juankoski Canal - Strengthening of Rock and Blasting Under Bridge

K. C Avellan & T. K. Nuutinen




 Poster session III

 2nd floor (registration aisle)



 Topic 3: Rock mechanics for infraestructures


Influence of intermediate principal stress on correction formula of bearing capacity in rock foundation             

Z. M. Zhang & W. D. Lei

Underground Gas Storage in Portuguese Salt Caverns 

P. Vidal & C. Dinis Da Gama

Slope stabilization methods. Alternatives for the containment of land slopes. 

N. Barral- Ramón, R. Pérez- Álvarez & R. Laín Huerta

Application of electrical tomography technique in the design of soil nailing reinforcement        

I. Pérez- Santisteban, J. Dorronsoro & F. Puell

Rockfall protection structures in the Tramuntana range of Mallorca (Spain)

J.M. Rius Gibert & R. Aguiló González





 Topic 7: Excavation and support


Co-Relation Between Physico-Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Cement & Resin Capsules Used in Underground Mines  

A. K. Rana, K. Das & G. S. Kumar

Developing Early Age Strength in Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete (FRS): Effects of Accelerator Type and Rate of dosage    

M. Karakus, T. S. Baillie, O. R. Cannon, B. F. H. Forsyth & T. J. Snell

Research on the Pre-displacement of Surrounding Rock during Tunneling         

W. Shi, L. Miao & B. Zang

A comparative study on the heat loss of rock cavern type and above-ground type thermal energy storage systems

J. W. Park, D. Ryu, D. Park, B. H. Choi, J. H. Synn & C. Sunwoo

Pit excavation for underground construction in an urban area near an old tunnel          

Z. Arbanas, M. Vivoda & P. Kursar

In situ stresses in rock masses: methodology for its study in tunnel projects in Spain   

G. Madirolas & A. Perucho

Abacus for the analysis of technical and economic consequences of over-excavation in tunnels

C. Iglesias, M. Veiga & H. Larrocha

Influence of groundwater and joints orientation in the Tunnel Prado support 

D. Salorio, J. P. Villanueva, F. J. Castanedo, L. Jordá & C. Oteo




 Topic 8: Case histories and preservation of natural stone


Geotechnical characterization of the site and stability of a tailing dam in Ecuador           

M. R. Ponce-Zambrano, D. P. Gordón, L. R. Alejano & I. Pérez-rey

Unstable rock masses in the highway Durres- Prishtina               

L. Sharra, L. Bozo & S. Allkja

A calcarenite exposed to true fire conditions: a methodological proposal          

V. Brotóns, R. Tomás & S. Ivorra

Probability evaluation of localized failure: deep excavation case study

D. Lydzba, A. Rozanski & M. Sobótka

Evaluation of the effectiveness of a new nano-consolidant in granitic rocks      

I. De Rosario, J. Feijoo, T. Rivas, M. J. Mosquera & F. Elhaddad

Protective treatments against pyrite and pyrrhotite oxidation in roofing slates               

J. Iglesias, J. Feijoo, I. Cañas,  J. Taboada & T. Rivas

Protecting roofing slates against oxidation: Analysis of the chemical interaction between protective treatments and pyrite               

J. Iglesias, J. Feijoo, J. Taboada, T. Rivas & M. Modino

Rock strength comparative analysis on rocky coasts      

A. Pires, H.I. Chaminé, A.Gomes, A. Pérez-Alberti & F. Rocha

Revise of caverns axes in Azad pumped storage project             

M. R. Shahverdiloo, M. Behnia, A. Anvari & M. A. Motlagh




 Lunch break



 Plenary Session VI



 Chairman: Luís Lamas

 Keynote Case histories of rock engineering projects in China

 X.-T. Feng



 Premium Sponsor Presentation

 Gas Natural- Unión Fenosa



 Closing ceremony


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