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Tuesday, 27th May


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 Opening ceremony



 Plenary session I



 Chairman: Eda Quadros

 Keynote Shear strength of rock, rock joints and rock masses – problems and some solutions

 N.R. Barton




 Coffee break



 Parallel sessions 1-3



 Session 1- Topic 1: Rock properties and testing methods


 Chairman: Frederic Pellet


Experimentally-based relation between dynamic and static elastic moduli of various sandstones and a quartzite          

M. Alber

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Based Model for Predicting of Overall Strength of Volcanic Bimrock   

H. Sönmez, A. Coskun, M. Ercanoglu, D. Turer, K. E. Kasapoglu & C. Tunusluoglu

Quantifying the discrepancy in preloads estimated by Acoustic Emission and Deformation Rate Analysis           

M. Karakus

Prediction of the mechanical compressive behavior of granite using intelligent tools   

T. Miranda, F. F. Martins & G. Vasconcelos

A detailed look at pre-peak dilatancy in a granite – determining “plastic” strains from laboratory test data       

G. Walton, M.S. Diederichs & J. Arzúa

Upscaling Elastic Moduli in Copenhagen Limestone       

N. Katic & H. F. Christensen

Damage detection of rocks under conventional triaxial compression    

R. D. Peng, Y. Ju , L. T. Mao, H. B. Liu & P. Wang

Effect of Loading Rate on Fracture Behaviour of Rock Materials              

Q. B. Zhang & Y. Zou

Temperature-Confining Pressure Coupling Effects on the Permeability of Three Rock Types under Triaxial Compression               

K. M. B. Alam, M. Niioka, Y. Fujii & D. Fukuda

Biot’s Effective Stress Coefficient of Rocks for Peak and Residual Strengths by Modified Failure Envelope Method.    

A. B. N.  Dassanayake & Y. Fujii



 Session 2- Topic 5: Design methods and analysis

 Conference hall

 Chairman: Maria Rita Migliazza


Continuum and discontinuum modelling of gravity dams on jointed rock foundations

Y. M. Alshkane, A. M. Marshall & L. R. Stace

Comparison of Predicted and Actual Conditions of the Rock Mass in the Tunnel Stražina

K. Ravnjak, G. Grget & M. S. Kovačević

On the Interpretation of Numerical Results in the Study of Rapid Landslide Run-out Phase

M. Pirulli, C. Scavia & M. Tararbra

CFD-DEM simulations for injection of cement-based grout - the effect of rock fracture roughness-

Sakakibara Shinya, H. Shimizu & T. Koyama

Efficient Numerical Integration of Perzyna Viscoplasticity, with Application to Rock Slope Stability using Zero-Thickness Interface Elements

I. Aliguer & I. Carol

Kinematic analysis of block rotations in a jointed rock mass       

M. Pötsch & W. Schubert

Vibration propagation in discrete element particle models of rock

R. Resende, E . Fortunato, C. Andrade & T. Miranda

Different FEM Models for Simulation of the Osterberg Load Test in Rock Shafts             

S. Melentijevic & C. Olalla

System Reliability Analysis of a Circular Rock Tunnel Using a First Order Approximation              

P. Zeng & R. Jimenez

Application of a novel constitutive shotcrete model to tunneling           

B. Schaedlich, H. F. Schweiger, T. Marcher & E. Saurer



 Session 3- Topic 6: Monitoring and back analysis

 Room A - 4th floor

 Chairman: Roger Olsson


Photographic documentation of the face of a TBM-driven tunnel       

M.R. Henzinger & R. Galler

Rockfall monitoring system for improving road safety  

Z. Agioutantis, E. Apostolou, S. Mertikas, A. Daskalakis, A. Tripolitsiotis, G. Kritikakis, C. Steiakakis & G. Kaplanidis

Geotechnical safety management for tunnels 

W. Schubert & B. A. Moritz

Numerical simulation of sliding and toppling of a block system

Gian Paolo Giani, S. Orsatti & L. Alejano

Determination of states of stress in hard rocks: Results of laboratory conducted finite deformation analysis   

A. Förster & Ch. Lempp

Monitored and calculated deformational behaviour of a large cavern during excavation            

M. Espada & L. Lamas

Towards rockfall prediction: linking pre-failure deformation with precursory rockfall events.

M. J. Royan, J. M. Vilaplana & A. Abellán

Determination material properties on Bedding Contact for slope stabilization at the low-wall part of coal mine              

Sujatono Supandi. St. Mt.

Analysis of the geotechnical data monitored during Saint- Martin-la-Porte access gallery excavation   

H. Tran Manh, J. Sulem & D. Subrin

Back analysis and Radar Interferometry Monitoring in a Large Open Pit Slope  

C. González- Nicieza, O. Mora, M. I. Álvarez- Fernández & E. Amor- Herrera




 Lunch break



 Parallel sessions 4-6


 Session 4- Topic 1: Rock properties and testing methods


 Chairman: Luis González de Vallejo


Reversible deformation phenomena of a high stressed rock samples 

V. V. Makarov, L.S. Ksendzenko, A.M. Golosov & N. A. Opanasiuk

Laboratory analysis of thermal fatigue in limestone      

M. Gasc- Barbier, G. Girma & V. Gendre

Identification of rheological behavior of salt rock at elevated temperature, case study: Gachsaran evaporative Formation, Iran       

N. A. Ghavidel, A. Nazem, M. Heidarizadeh, M. Moosavi & H. Memarian

Estimation of rock mass deformation modulus using a Bayesian approach         

X. D. Feng & R. Jimenez

Geotechnical characterization of low strength anisotropic rocks in the Strait of Gibraltar area  

A. Perucho, M. Muñiz & J. A. Díez

Identification of the dependency to water content of the mechanical properties of Channel tunnel chalk.       

S. Maiolino

Experimental relationships among strength parameters in monoaxial loading conditions determined for porous effusive rocks    

T. Rotonda, L. Verrucci & P. Tommasi

Shapes of failure in collapsible materials.           

A. Perucho, A. Serrano & M. Conde



 Session 5- Topic 5: Design methods and analysis

 Conference hall

 Chairman: Diego Mas-Ivars


Principles and methodologies for the design of hydroelectric large underground caverns         

R. Plassart & F. Laigle

D&B versus TBM: Review of the parameters for a right choice of the excavation method          

F. J. Macias & A. Bruland

Design and control of the EDZ for a deep repository in crystalline rock 

H. Ittner, T. Lehtimäki & R. Christiansson

Test study on a new rock burst tendency index——yield degree and its influencing factors     

B. H. Guo, Chen & P.F. Gou

Risk Associated with Swelling Rocks in Volcanic Formations in the Design of Hydro-Tunnels      

J. M. Galera, M. Paredes, C.Menchero & V.Pozo

The Reduction of Surface Settlement by Employing Umbrella Arch Systems for Different Excavation Methods              

J. Oke, N. Vlachopoulos & M. S. Diederichs

Abu Hamour, TBM Launch Shaft–a rock mass classification attempt for a deep shaft in Doha, Qatar

J. B. Stypulkowski, A. K. Pathak & F. G. Bernardeau

Finite element simulation of crack initiation and propagation in rocks  

G. Sivakumar & V.B. Maji



 Session 6- Topic 6: Monitoring and back analysis

 Room A - 4th floor

 Chairman: Antonio Abellán


Modelling and redesign of retaining system of a Deep excavation in marl formation using back analysis results             

Y. Kazan

Isolation roof caving control and monitoring technology of room and pillar method goafs         

W. Li,B. Zhang & Z.W.Bi

A new approach for evaluation of in-situ inclinometer measurements based on two cases in Turkey

M. Mesutoğlu & I. Ozkan

Deterministic In-situ block size estimation using 3D terrestrial laser data            

H. Vanhaekendover, D.Ngan-Tillard, R. Lindenbergh, S. Slob & U. Wezenberg

A two-dimensional vibration model for mountain tunnel lining built with poling-board method             

Y. Gao, Y. Jiang & B. Li

Real time displacement monitoring using GPS for assessing slope stability        

N. Shimizu, S. Nakashima & Y. Furuyama

Analysis of the performance of an evolutionary computation algorithm in the identification of geomechanical parameters in underground works      

T. Miranda, A. Gomes, J. Sena- Cruz, L. Costa & D. Dias

Extended rock mass characterisation from 3D images  

A. Gaich, M. Pötsc & W. Schubert




 Poster Session I

 2nd floor (registration aisle)



 Topic 1: Rock properties and testing methods


A New Rheological Hardening Model for prediction of Creep Deformation of Rock Samples

M. Karami, A. Fahimifar & E. Pakniat

A lab-testing based geomechanical characterization of metamorphic rocks focusing on post-failure behavior

I. Pérez-Rey, J. Arzúa, J. Barbiero, L. R. Alejano & G. Walton

A new approach of limit equilibrium models for rock    

M. J. A. Leal-Gomes, C. A. J. V. Dinis Da Gama

Development of testing methods of Thin Spray-on Liner shear-bond strength

Q. Q. Qiao, J. Nemcik, I. Porter, E. Baafi, Z. Y. Zhang  & Z. J. Shan

Proposal of a new rock creep model

V. Brotóns, S. Ivorra, R. Tomás, J. Martínez-Martínez & D. Benavente

Correlations between static and dynamic elastic modulus of a calcarenite heated at different temperatures

V. Brotóns, S. Ivorra & R. Tomás

Textural anisotropies characterization of granitic rocks using P waves velocity 

L. Calleja, A. Rodríguez-rey, V.G. Ruiz De Argandoña, N. Sánchez Delgado & C. Camino

Considerations on the laboratory estimate of the basic friction angle of rock joints       

J. González, N. González-Pastoriza, U. Castro, L. R. Alejano &  J. Muralha

Failure behavior and acoustic emission pattern of slate and mica schist in uniaxial loading         

N. Slatalla & M. Alber

The static and dynamic elasticity parameters of laminated silty-clay shales at the simulated depth up to 4 km 

A. Dziedzic & J. Pinińska

X-Ray fluorescence methods for the recognition of minerals and rocks. Application to granite.              

N. Barral- Ramón, R. Pérez- Álvarez & R. Laín Huerta

Applicability of acoustic emission technique for vertical stress determination in mine pillars     

G. Paneiro & C. Dinis Da Gama

Fracturing and Indirect Tensile Strength of Brittle and Ductile Rocks     

N. Erarslan & M. Ghamgosar

Petrophysical interpretation of mechanical behaviour of ornamental stones from Galicia (Spain)          
N. Sánchez, A. Rodríguez-Rey, L. Calleja, V. G. Ruiz de Argandoña  & C. Camino



 Topic 5: Design methods and analysis


Advances, current limitations and future requirements for a numerical shear box for rock joints using PFC2D 

E. Lassari, F. Johansson, D. Mas Ivars & A. Sánchez Juncal

A strain-dependent strength and dilation model of rock to study pre-peak behaviour in confined tests

José González

Comparison between continuous and discontinuous approaches to tunnel models: FLAC- UDEC.

M. Veiga, J. Barbiero, S. Alonso, L. R. Alejano & A. M. Ferrero



 Topic 6: Monitoring and back analysis


Monitoring of the landslide at Durres‐Morine road     

A. Kosho, A. Malaj, L. Harizaj & S. Lamçe

Procedure for obtaining and analyzing the diametric deformation of a tunnel by means of tape extensometer convergence measures          

A. Bernardo Sánchez & M. Arlandi Rodríguez

Monitoring of the geomechanical state of rock mass using complex of satellite geodesy           

A. A. Panzhin & N.A. Panzhina




 Coffee break



 Parallel sessions 7-9


 Session 7- Topic 1: Rock properties and testing methods


 Chairman: Rafael Jiménez


Dynamic fracture behavior of cubic and core specimens under impact load      

Gh. Khandouzi, A. Mirmohamadlou & H. Memarian

The influence of microwave radiation on hard rocks as in microwave assisted rock breakage applications         

P. Nekoovaght & F. Hassani

Correlation of direct and indirect tensile tests for use in the Hoek-Brown constant mi 

S. A. L. Read & L. R. Richards

Effect of infill thickness on shear behaviour of jointed rock under CNS condition           

A. Kumar & K. S. Rao

Deformation Behavior and Shear Wave Velocity under Confined Triaxial Extension Stress        

M. Takahashi, H. Park, Y. Fujii & M. Sato



 Session 8- Topic 2: Rock mass characterization

 Conference hall

 Chairman: Murat Karakus


Characterizing the influence of micro-heterogeneity on the strength and fracture of rock using an FDEM-μDFN approach               

P. Hamdi, D. Stead & D. Elmo

Coupling photogrammetric data with a discrete element model for rock slope stability assessment

V. Bonilla- Sierra, F. V. Donzé, L. Scholtès & M. Elmouttie

Foundation properties of variably weathered rock beneath a heavy mineral processing plant 

D. C. Starr & E. T. Brown

Estimation of crack tensor components for the different distributions of crack orientation       

A. F. Idziak

Ageing of chalk rocks in underground quarries

N. Lafrance, M. Souley, C. Auvray, O. Favreau & V. Labiouse



 Session 9- Topic 4: Mining and quarrying engineering

 Room A - 4th floor

 Chairman: José Miguel Galera


The toppling of large blocks on the northeast slope of the Meirama mine         

P. Ramírez-Oyanguren, C. M. Bassa, R. G. Philippon & M. Fernández-Pello

Mining induced static stress transfer and its relation to a high-precision located Mw = 1.9 seismic event in a South African gold mine          

M. Ziegler, K.Reiter, O. Heidbach, A. Zang, G. Kwiatek, T. Dahm, G. Dresen & G. Hofmann

Kinematic analysis of the western pitwall of the Main Pit in the Letseng Diamond Mine, Lesotho.

M. N. Lephatsoe, E. D. C. Hingston, M. Ferentinou & N. Lefu

Prediction of Deformation Modes of Rock Slope Due to Excavation  on Plateau Type Mine

Najib, D. Fukuda & J. Kodama



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