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Wednesday, 28th May - Hotel Bahía de Vigo


Price: 60 € 



During the Banquet, that will take place at the Hotel Bahía de Vigo, we will experience a magical journey through the gastronomy and traditions of Galicia.


Before dinner we will taste different wines from the vineyards of Galicia, following the course of the river Miño and Sil basically.




Mainly we will taste white wines, because they are the most important and representative of the Galician wine scene. Within the whites, Albariño wine that is spearheading.


This tasting will be entertained by a traditional Galician bagpipes group.



After dinner we will enjoy the show of the ‘queimada’, that is a traditional Galician alcoholic drink.


It is said that the ‘queimada’ has healing power. Drinking it after the pronunciation of the traditional ‘conxuro’ (spell) works as protection against malicious spells as well as keep the spirits and other evil beings away.





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