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Registration deadline - 1st of May, 2014


Tuesday, 27th May

Baixo Miño


Price: 65 € 

Duration: Full day – 8 hours

Departure: 09:30 am

Return: 6:00 pm

Venue: (C/ Policarpo Sanz, 24-26)

Tour includes: English speaking guide, stops at main villages and lunch

Minimal group: 20 people




O Baixo Miño (The Lower Miño) is the area located on the southwest tip of the province of Pontevedra. It owes its name River Miño, the most important river in Galicia that, in this area, is the border with Portugal.


 The first place, that we will visit, is Tuy. We will made a short tour around this ancient village, one of the historic capital of Galicia. Then we will cross the river Miño to get Portugal and visit Valença do Miño, traditional border village of Portugal.


After visiting its ancient streets and spending free time in its  traditional shopping area, we will return to Spain direction to A Guarda crossing the land 'O Rosal' -known for its vineyards of the variety 'Rias Baixas'-.


From the summit of Mount Santa Tecla, we can view the entire coastline, beginning in the north with the Vigo estuary and the Cíes Islands, and ending in the south, on the other side of the mouth of the Miño, in Portugal. On the aforementioned Mount Santa Tecla there is one of the most valuable 'castros' (Celtic settlements) in Galicia. Although the village dates back more than 2,000 years, this area could well have been inhabited from about 8,000 years ago.












After lunch in A Guarda, we will continue around the coast to Baiona. Baiona, both a tourist destination and an active fishing port, is located in the south of the Rias Baixas region and is protected from the open sea by a breathtakingly beautiful bay. Its geographical location offers natural, unsurpassable protection for fishing and leisure sailing vessels alike. 


The town’s old quarter was declared an 'Area of Historical and Artistic interest' by the Galician Regional Government on March 1st, 1993, marking the five hundredth anniversary of the arrival of The Pinta. The Pinta was a caravel-type vessel used by Christopher Columbus, which arrived in Baiona with news of the discovery of America.


After the visit of the old town we will enjoy free time before returning to Vigo.




Wednesday, 28th May




Price: Free registration

Duration: 2 hours

Departure: 10:00 am

Return: 12:00 pm

Venue: (C/ Policarpo Sanz, 24-26)

Tour includes: English speaking guide, stops at main attractions in the town

Group: 25 people (limited places)



A walk through ancient Vigo where you'll discover that the centre of Vigo hides a past carved in numerous stone buildings. This route through ancient Vigo’s architecture will help you experience the city’s history on foot. We´ll walk around 'Plaza da Princesa' and 'Porta do Sol' , 'Paseo de Alfonso XII', we´ll walk up 'calle Real' street, dotted with stately houses, such as 'Bárcena', 'Pazos de Figueroa' and, most importantly, 'Casa de Arines' or 'Ceta' dated from the 15th century and the oldest and most emblematic in Vigo’s Old Town; it’s currently the headquarters of the Camões Institute of the Portuguese language.


The 'Ensanche' area is the stately Vigo, where the Catalonian canners who forged the modern city in the 19th century built their homes. You can admire these buildings while calmly strolling through the centre of Vigo.


This commercial and cultural area offers the widest selection of leisure in Vigo: music and entertainment, museums and exhibitions, as well as countless shops, from boutiques to art galleries.


The 'Montero Ríos' area is a must; here you’ll find the Alameda Park, surrounded by elegant stone buildings with imposing facades. Its pedestrian streets are perfect for family strolls and for walking down to the Vigo Estuary. The estuary enters the Ensanche through the Real Club Marina, whose offices are in an original building in the shape of a ship.


The most famous commercial area is ​​Príncipe Street. Here is where you can see from fruit to the latest trends in fashion.

Free registration - Do not forget to make the registration on the online form



Thursday, 29th May

Santiago (Compostela)


Price: 95 € 

Duration: Full day – 8 hours

Departure: 09:30 am

Return: 6:00 pm

Venue: (C/ Policarpo Sanz, 24-26)

Tour includes: English speaking guide, stops at main city attractions, guided visit to the Cathedral, botafumeiro operation inside the Cathedral and lunch

Minimal group: 20 people



Santiago de Compostela, capital of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO thanks to its multicultural nature and as the final destination of a thousand-year-old pilgrim route: the Way of St. James since the 9th century.




On this trip, we will do a tour around the main monuments, cobblestone streets and squares of this ancient town.


The obligatory point of the visit is the famous Obradoiro monumental square, at the center of Santiago de Compostela. It is surrounded by four important buildings, the Cathedral, the hostel of the Catholic Kings ancient pilgrims hospital -now become national Parador-, the College of San Xerome, home of the rector of the University and Raxoi palace -seat of the municipality of Santiago-.



We will entering the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela ‘Romanesque jewel’ and admire Botafumeiro operation.


The Botafumeiro is the giant censer used since the Middle Ages as an instrument of purification of the cathedral in which crowds huddled. Today, 800 years later, continues to amaze the audience.


The censer movement requires eight men, called 'tiraboleiros' bring it loaded by incense and charcoal. It is an exciting experience.


After the visit we will enjoy lunch and free time before returning to Vigo.



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