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Workshop: 26th May 2014

Price: 80 €

including lunch and coffee-breaks


Applicability and application of EUROCODE-7 to rock engineering design


Chairman: John Harrison                                                               


The objective is to discuss the experiences of verification of rock mechanical design by calculations, adaption of prescript measures and observation methods according to the new Eurocode-7 for future development and implementation. EUROCODE-7 is probably going to be both universal and comprehensive. It has been basically developed by the soil mechanics community. It is extremely relevant a commitment of the rock mechanics community to be capable to include rock engineering principles and techniques within this code. The mentioned workshop represents an excellent opportunity to collect inputs of the rock mechanics community on the application of EC-7.




 The aims of this workshop are twofold: to receive reportson any difficulties and deficiencies encountered in the application of Eurocode 7 (EC7) to rock engineering design, and to discuss experiences of rock engineering design to EC7 by calculation, prescriptive methods and observational methods. Overall, we intend that the workshop will identify and suggest improvements to EC7 that will alleviate these problems, and hence may help direct the future developments of the code.


The workshop is being organized by members of EG13 and will be chaired by John Harrison. EG13 is the Evolution Group on rock mechanics that wasformed by CEN’s Technical Committee responsible for maintenance and future development of EC7 as part of its ongoing code maintenance cycle.


The workshop will be held in Vigo on 26 May 2014, the day before the start of EUROCK 2014, and is expected to run from 09:00 to 18:00h. The attendance fee has been set at 80 €, which will include two coffee-breaks and lunch.


The day will be divided into a number of sessions, with each session comprising a brief introduction, the presentation of one or more papers chosen specifically to stimulate discussion, and a moderated discussion period. While all topics related to the application of EC7 to rock engineering design are welcomed, a preliminary idea of possible sessions includes:


  • Critical review of EC7 with regard to rock mechanics and rock engineering; vocabulary and definitions


  • Laboratory and field tests; characterisation of rock and development of rock mass models


  • Design implementation and monitoring


  • Analytical and empirical models


  • Use of partial factors


  • Observational method and reliability method



Authors wishing to contribute to the workshop are invited to submit papers in the normal way to the conference. Submissions will follow the usual procedure for acceptance and review, and will both appear on the conference CD and be cited as EUROCK 2014 conference papers. Papers not selected for presentation at the workshop will be considered for presentation at the main conference.   


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